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An online presence has become an inclusive task in setting up of a business. Zenithec Techware is a service based start-up with the motto of advancing the various start-ups having difficulty in starting their business online. Moreover, we provide all the technical services according to the needs of our client. Thus, there's no need to outsource different requirements to different organizations.

Services offered

Android App Development

Website Development

UI/UX Designing

Digital Marketing


Graphic Designing

How it works

Working with zenithec is very easy. It starts from reaching out to us!!!

Get an estimate

All the requirements to be satisfied the project are laid out. Then you will get the estimate for the build.

Building the product

At this phase we will start designing and development of the product. This includes regular showcasing of prototypes.

Settling the terms

Once you are satisfied with product, we will publish it on the world wide web for the open world to see.

Personalized Services For Every Client

Here at Zenithec techware we understand that everybody has unique needs. So we plan out a personalized piece of software tailored for your requirements.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

It's our hard work & dedication to our clients that we gaurantee quality product.

We bet you can't be wrong with us.

Try Us, you'll be surprised!!!.

- Zenithec Techware

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+91 89628 33132
+91 75871 39736

Open hours

5pm - 10pm on weekdays
9am - 10pm on weekends

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What we do here

Android App Development
Website Development
UI/UX Designing
Digital Marketing
Graphic Designing

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